10 Hand picked funny pictures, having an awesome day!

#1 Avengers Cat T-shirt: Iron Mew vs. Captain Ameowrica

Cute Avengers Cat T-shirt

#2 Little Sheldon introducing Pokemon Go! to his Mom

funny little Sheldon and Mom on Big bang theory

#3 Little girl’s dreams finally come true!

Dream come true: little girl becomes police officer

#4 “I’m dead, I’m dead.”-cat

funny cat climbing on the door to hid from a dog

#5 Fat cat and his little human slave.

funny cat pictures: little girl holding fat cat

#6 Cat melting in this summer day.

funny cat pictures: melting cat

#7 Can’t blame the note.

hand picked college class notes

#8 Dog puns are hilarious

funny dog puns: fog and mist

#9 iPhone checking time syndrome

funny iphone picture: checking time with iPhone.

#10 Kids adding water to gas tank of mother’s car.

funny kids trying to add water to Mom's auto gas tank.