#1 Dog Mother And Her New Baby For An Adventure.

cute dog mother carrying puppy on backpack

#2 A Crazy Cat Looks Like A Dog, Or A Mad Dog Looks Like A Cat?

funny cat looks like a dog

#3 Skinny Jeans Is A New Fashion For Chubby Guy.

funny people wearing skinny jeans

#4 Cute Puppy Is Going To Find You

funny pictures: cute puppy angry face

#5 Decorating Your Dish At McDonald’s.

creative food decorations: chicken nuggets and shooting star

#6 Tied A Baby Turtle With A Helium Balloon.

"Tied my baby turtle to a helium balloon so he could walk around without getting lost, but he was too small and the balloon floated him away.

#7 This Cat Has No Shame.

funny cat sitting, has no shame

#8 This Cat Has Exotic Markings On His Eyes.

Cat with Exotic markings on his eyes

#9 “Carol, look at that, our new baby slave!”

funny cat parents babysitting

#10 Funny Pictures: Putting Dog Filter On Your Cute Gecko

funny app dog filter on gecko