#1 Cat Made Three New Friends.

cute kitten playing with birds

#2 Driving Dilemma On Highway…

funny driving on highway signs

#3 If Monday Were A Person.

if Monday were a person.

#4 The Ultimate Joe Biden Memes: The World’s Best VP.

Funny Joe Biden: The world's best Vice president

#5 New From Starbucks: Puppacino.

cute puppy drinks Starbucks cappuccino

#6 The Ultimate Cone Of Shame.

The ultimate cone of shame for a puppy

#7 Cute kid wiping tears of the people on TV.

cute kid wipes tears for the people on the TV

#8 This is why we love dog.

cool dog saves kitten from fire

#9 Oh, The Time Of That Year Again.

Time of that year again! Funny cat and Christmas tree

#10 Funny commencement: knowledge and debt.

so much knowledge, so much debt in the commencement