#1 This dog’s face is priceless

Cute baby playing with dog

#2 Friend’s cat found a magical sun spot.

Funny rainbow cat

#3 Doing your job awesomely.

cool restaurant table decoration, wine glass placement

#4 Akita dog is awesome!

cute dog mimic Godzilla

#5 Husband help iron.

Funny husband ironing marshmellows

#6 Dog’s babyproof gesture.

10+ Funny pictures: Dog "babyproof"

#7 So Mom bought a new painting.

Funny painting bought by Mom

#8 There’re two kinds of person.

funny tennis player Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova

#9 Wife wants 2 minutes alone.

Funny kids with pets

#10 Cat being a big brother to new born baby.

Funny cat with new born baby

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