10 Fresh Memes! #6 Micheal Buble Emerges From Christmas Cave Again.

#1 Sleeping tips in airplane.

air flight trip sleeping tips

#2 Best advice from grandma

life quote: best advice from grandma

#3 Heavy traffic on Caturday.

funny heavy traffic on Monday morning

#4 Waiting for hooman…

funny dog waiting for owner

#5 Dog brings great gift to horse.

funny dog brings stick to horse

#6 Michael Buble and his Christmas songs

funny Michael Buble Christmas Songs

#7 This pregnant hedgehog is not even regretted!

funny pregnant hedgehog eating in trash can food

#8 Husband prepared a big romantic bubble bath.

funny husband romantic bubble bath too much bubbles

#9 Dog and squirrel: now what?

funny-dog memes: playing with squirrel

#10 Dog, Have You Seen The Cat?

funny dog doing sausage

What do you think?

Another Reason I Love Dog.

Zach King sleep in class with cardboard

Zach King Figures Out How To Sleep In The Class Without Being Caught.