#1 Wedding photo: A kiss with a disguised shark.

wedding photo at Acquarium

#2 Obama lost it when he saw a baby pope.

funny pictures Obama laughs at a baby dressed up as a pope

#3 Good pun: “All 30 sheep are ready, farmer.”

funny puns: shepherd dog, sheep and farmer

#4 Fire department saves police officers

Fire department saves police officer stuck in elevator

#5 But I just met you one second before….

funny dog pictures: shocking face

#6 Winter is coming…

funny dog pictures: cold winter

#7 The baby from Chewbacca and ET

funny dog pictures: Chewbacca and ET face

#8 Holiday weight

funny dog memes: holiday weight and fat

#9 The world’s first instant noddle selfie

funny selfie photo with instant noddles

#10 Checking tooth cavity

funny dog pictures: checking tooth cavity