#1 Shelter puppy takes the initiative moves for adoption.

funny shelter dog adoption

#2 Life hacks: Boiling perfect eggs according to the minutes

how to boil eggs according to minutes

#3 Baby pangolins

funny and cute baby pangolins

#4 Puppy asking for petting under Jaws theme…

funny pictures: cute dog asks for petting

#5 Lonely cat swinging

funny cat swinging in the park

#6 Husky found out the owner throw a fake ball

funny husky face

#7 Playing Jenga game with engineering graduates

funny Jenga game puns

#8 Lance Armstrong’s parking space

funny parking sign: Lance Armstrong, 1 nut king

#9 Crazy cat is waiting for firefighter to rescue her.

funny cat meme: stuck in the tree waiting for firefighers

#10 Funny pictures: This dog will never run away.

dog runs away, back home waiting in front of the door