#1 The first day back to school vs. the second day.

funny kids on the day of back to school

#2 Corgi mother stares at her new babies.

cute dog mothers staring puppies

#3 Many people wants the same life as this dog has.

funny dog pictures, dog cozy life

#4 Smart dog found a way to follow owners rules

dog training tips: ask dog to follow the rules

#5 Usain Bolt quote reveals the secret of running fast.

Usain Bolt quotes: imagine runners as big spiders

#4 Shadow cat is not pleased.

Funny cat pictures: cat looks like shadow

#5 Kids like taking pictures

funny kids pictures, kids like cameras

#6 Dogs trade snacks with flowers and ball

cute dog pictures: dogs trade snacks with ball and flower

#7 Another cutest puppy photobomb found on the beach

cute puppy pictures: photobomb on the beach

#8 Best birthday gift ideas for kids on 18th birthday:reserved an email address and keep sending photos and love words from the born day till 18th.

parenting tips: best birthday gifts for kids on 18th birthday