#1 Bill Murray Gets Point On Olympic

Bill Murray quotes: Olympic average person for reference.

#2 Motivation Baby Penguin.

cute baby penguin memes

#3 Friends TV Show Actors After 12 Years, Time Flies.

funny Friends TV Show, actors getting older 12 years later

#4 Are You Sure It’s Not A Bear Cub?

cute dog picture looks like bear cub

#5 Dog Shaming At The Finest Level

funny dog shaming chew up shoes

#6 A Goat Day Starts From A Smile

cute smiling goat

#7 Be Careful When You Open Stove At Night

funny pictures cat sleeping on stove

#8 Disneyland Park Is On Fire!

funny pictures Disneyland park on fire

#9 A Circle Of Nope.

funny pictures dog trace on snow

#10 This Horse Gets 2 Horsepower!

funny pictures horse patch another horse

#11 Life Hacks: A Clever Idea To Visit Zoo

life hacks visiting zoo wearing clothes as the employees.