#1 “Back to school” day is so hard for students, and teachers.

back to school days: teachers are welcomed to liquor store

#2 One of the funnest art memes: left oven on

funny art memes: left the oven on

#3 Hooman, meow back!

funny cat memes: meow back!

#4 Every parents know this feeling!

funny cat pictures: Cat mom's face

#5 Dogs never lie about food.

funny dog pictures: watching owner eating food

#6 Dog is the best ATM security guy!

awesome dog pictures: secure girl on ATM

#7 Tomato grandson finally met his grandpa!

funny memes: tomato and his grandpa ketchup

#8 Your day is rough? See this guy who ate doggie sundae.

funny pictures: eating doggie sundae

#9 The average miles per gallon beer for person is 44, not bad!

funny pub signs: average person miles gallon beer

#10 Emotional husky is staring at the wedding dresses.

cute husky dog staring wedding dresses

#11 Funny impulse shopping: Donuts vs. watermelon

supermarket impulse shopping: krispy kreme donuts

10 Funny Pictures Today! #5 The Struggle Is REAL.