#1 Transferring a T-shirt to a night dress in 9 steps

party dress tips: transfer a T-shirt to a night dress in 9 steps

#2 Harry Potter train station platform:Someone made a mistake

funny Harry Potter train station platform flowers

#3 Best pun of this week

funny gulls pictures: a gull standing on another gull

#4 Growing a pineapple in a pot

how to grow pineapple in a pot

#5 Dave’s dog has higher sensitivity level than him.

funny family pictures: new baby and the dog

#6 Evil cat is plotting…

funny cat eyes in the dark, staring at the bird

#7 The saddest dog

sad dog memes: barking at the mail man

#8 Bring your goat to shopping is not a bad idea.

bring cute goat to shopping in a supermarket

#9 Cute dog after a color run.

cute white dog after a color run

#10 Weather forecast with your coffee.

coffee bubbles can be used for weather forecast