#1 Legendary bird fighting.

photoshop battle birds fighting

#2 This is the “walking dead” I want to watch.

photoshop battle walking dead

#3 “Breaking bad” vs. “Breaking Tad”

funny photoshop dump breaking bad

#4 Trump playing Dinosaurs.

funny photoshop Trump playing pens

#5 Photoshop battle:Frog Princes Leia.

funny photoshop frog princes leia

#6 Don’t piss off this angry crow.

funny photoshop battle angry crow

#7 Dog walking on the water.

funny photoshop battle dog walking on water

#8 “Sir, do you have a minute to talk about Jesus…

funny bear standing photoshop battel

#9 Funny photoshop Dancing Kaola.

funny photoshop battel kaola dancing

#10 The ending.

funny photoshop bird heater

10 Funny Pictures TODAY!