#1 Every year, Christmas decoration contest

Funny and creative Christmas decorations: Fireman house

#2 This is how it looks like: a dog looks down a hole.

Cute dog looks down a hole

#3 This little thing is going to kill you

Aquarium cute fish with angry face

#4 This pregnancy is hard!

funny pregnant dog sleeping

#5 I need this bathroom

cool creative bathroom circel

#6 How to surprise your girlfriend with a dog

Gift ideas for your girlfriend: get a dog standing on skate board.

#7 Funny pictures: A beluga whale talking to a baby human.

funny aquarium Beluga whale laughing at a baby vistor

#8 Cat-lady shopping wine again!

funny cat in supermarket cart

#9 This cat’s name is “stache”

funny cat with stache

#10 Man bun

Perfectly timed photo: girl hairstyle bun