#1 What a scary movie they’re watching?

Funny dog watching scary movies
Tastefully offensive

#2 Everyone can be related to this.

funny monkey playing mobile phone

#3 Funny cat becomes weird in vet.

funny cat in vet drinking water

#4 Cool rose has two colors.

cool Osiria rose pedals two colors

#5 Perfect timing photos: water dress.

perfect timing photo: water fountain dress

#6 Cat mother’s full protection.

cat mother guarding sleeping kitty

#7 Silly Yoda told a silly pun:why was Five afraid of Seven?

funny Yoda jokes: why Five is afraid of Seven.

#8 Ever seen a cat bites a cactus?

Funny cat bites cactus

#9 When cat thinks she is the owner of the family.

funny cat sitting on couch.

#10 Yes, this is the holiday gift I want.

Holiday gift ideas: bring me wine socks