#1 Practicing Job Interview With Your Best Friend.

Job interview practicing with dog

#2 Practicing Diaper With Your Best Friend.

funny pregnancy preparation practices, put diapers on cat

#3 Funny Music Album: Born To Diet.

Funny music album: born to die

#4 Cool Body Wash Gel Instructions

funny instructions of body wash gel

#5 Not Ready For The Kiss Yet.

Funny husky dog kissing

#6 This makes me giggle.

Text message that makes me giggle.

#7 Goes to gym everymorning.

Funny dog goes to gym

#8 Hair-cut A Heart On Your Dog.

Funny dog grooming: heart shape

#9 Sounds Another Clever Name To Vet.

Funny tweet: vet means dogtor

#10 Something Terrible Must Being Happening.

Funny dog shocking face.

8+ Once In A LifeTime Photos: Badass, Cute And Hilarious.