#1 My favorite quote.

life quote: some people like big house, I'd like have a cabin in the woods to be away from those people.

#2 Being as happy as this smiling sea lion.

Funny happy sea lion, photogenic sea lion

#3 Last hug before saying goodbye.

Cute dog hugs owner when saying goodbye.

#4 A raccoon’s shy and hairless brother.

A raccoon introduces his shy and hairless brother to his friends.

#5 Funny pictures:Take a look again.

Funny perspective photos, awesome perspective pictures

#6 I need this Ice cream safe.

Ice cream safe lock: Ben Jerrys pint lock
Ice Cream Safe

#7 A weird puppy

Awesome giant Africa snails

#8 Happy puppy taking a hair cut.

Cute puppy has a haircut by a barber

#9 “I can show the world, except…”

Aladdin: I can show the world, except United States.

#10 New trick of not crying when cutting onions.

New trick to not crying when cutting onions, such funny life hacks