#1 Good guy mailman.

cute golden retriever and mailman

#2 Business school vs. engineering school

Funny difference between girls in business school and engineering school

#3 Who’s a good boy?

Cute dog smile: who's a good boy?

#4 Kid drawing on Dad’s passport.

Funny:Kid drawing on Dad passport, dad can't take the international flight

#5 This kid going places

Cute kid learning iPad creatively.

#6 Puns: Waffles are pancakes with abs.

Funny puns: Waffles are pancakes with abs

#7 It’s not what it looks like.

Funny dog kissing cat

#8 Funny pictures:Cat vs. toothless dragon

Funny cat looks like toothless dragon

#9 Typical family road trip

Family road trip issues

#10 Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Funny Christmas awkward family photos