Funny pictures flooded to our mailbox everyday, we only hand picked the best 10 pics for your relaxing time only.

#1 Dog shampoo instructions!

dog shampoo instructions funny

#2 The price of bird feed is flying these days…

funny pigeon in shop bird food section

#3 Sausages party murder!

funny cat eating sausages

#4 My same reaction when aunt drops by.

funny cat shouting

#5 Gloating dog

funny dog gloating picture

#6 This Husky’s face is priceless!

funny dog kiss, big eyes

#7 Olympics women football game: what’re you protecting for?


#8 Seal gets a part-time job at fish market.

funny seal in fish market

#9 Funny pictures: All you can eat buffet for vegan.

funny vegan all you can eat buffet

#10 Traveling with your girlfriend vs. dog.

funny pictures traveling with your girlfriend vs. dog