#1 Relationship goals: Becoming the person you’re dating.

Funny pictures today! Gummy bear relationship

#2 Forever surprised cat

Cute cat chin mark: forever surprised

#3 A dream fitness in my town.

funny fitness gym signs

#4 This family photo always gets me.

Funny family sleeping photos

#5 There’re two kinds of dogs.

Funny pictures today: two kinds of dogs

#6 What You Get When A Very Short Girl Gets Married To A Very Tall Guy

Funny family wedding photos, genetic difference.

#7 We Can All Relate To This Bridesmaid At Her Best Friend’s Wedding.

Funny bridesmaid drinking at Best friend's wedding

#8 Funny pizza note:”Make a dinosaur in the pepperoni…”

Funny pizza notes

#9 When can we watch this evil game show?

a game show where a toddler has to choose between a cheque for a million dollars or a small basket filled with $8.14 worth of dollar store toys and in the corner of the tv you can see their parents in a locked sound proof room watching from a screen and screaming the whole time

#10 Ohh, the possibilities..Baking pan with any shapes

Baking pan any shapes magnets
11 insanely cute cooking tools