Funny pictures hand-picked by us. Hope you have a wonderful day.

#1 Two opposite kittens

cute kittens with opposite eyes

#2 Flight overweight baggage is never a problem!

flight extra luggage overweight issues and tips

#3 Car stickers: Two types of family.

funny pictures:car tickers for typical family cars

#4 Story about a cat hiding a hair tie in the coffee cup.

funny pictures: cat and a hair tie.

#5 Never ever sleep on the haystack again!

funny cat pictures: I made a huge mistakes

#6 When dog first time met the new human baby!

funny dog pictures: dog met the new baby

#7 A kid wrote an adorable letter to his cat.

funny kid letter to a cat meow

#8 A real job at train station platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter train station platform photos

#9 Funny pictures:Things I have in common with a raccoon.


#10 Taking a cute dog to pet store.