#1 Walking out of store without buying nothing.

Funny customer shopping habit at store

#2 Meeting friends in public.

Funny face when you meeting your friends

#3 Eating a fruit.

Funny feeling after ate a fruit

#4 Deleting photos in your phone.

funny people behavior deleting phone photos

#5 Counting sleeping hours.

funny counting sleeping hours

#6 Overhearing stranger conversation.

funny people behavior overhearing stranger conversation

#7 Searching address during driving.

funny driving habit: lower music looking for street address

#8 Getting up for school.

Funny student after get up from bed

#9 Shopping at supermarket.

funny customer at supermarket

#10 Funny people behavior:Chatting with your friends.

Funny people chatting with friends

#11 The most stress moment in my whole life.

funny customer at supermarket cashier

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