Parents can’t be funny? You are definitely wrong. These funny pictures show us that they can be funnier than their kids.

#1 Awesome babysitting idea of this young father.

young father babysitting

#2 This mother’s funny signs: because we can’t read.

When Mom is savage AF

#3 Socks are ONLY for feet.

socks are only for feet

#4 Mother’s gift for the college student

personalized gifts from mother

#5 This mother helping her son so he can play the game.

This Mom Supports Her Son’s Gaming


#6 This mother gave the kids a parenting class.

parenting class

#7 Mom turns up side down spells, wow!

no more snack

#8 WTF: Well That’s Fantastic.

messages between mother and daughter

#9 Father and son attracted by the car model: this is all about bonding.

father and son in car expo

#10  Having a weird mom builds character.

don't call me mom in front of people

#11 The first auto mechanic training was always from the father.

auto mechanic training from father

12 My mom made these mens ties for my birthday.

awesome birthday gift mens ties

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