10 Morning Memes! #3 The Most Brutal 5 Minutes In My Life!

#1 The 5 stages of my life.

5 stages of waking up funny meme

#2 Challenge not accepted.

wake up in monday morning funny meme

#3 Morning memes: The most brutal 5 minutes in my life!

morning alarm funny meme

#4 Yep, that’s me every morning.

morning mood funny meme

#5 The face of my coffee on Monday morning.

coffee morning funny meme

#6 Every morning is a new start.

early morning funny meme

#7 Different state of Coffee owls

coffee owls funny meme

#8 Monday Lisa.

funny memes Mona Lisa--Monday Lisa

#9 Monday morning, uhhh…

funny Monday morning work memes
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#10 I repeat this feeling Every. Monday. Morning!

funny Monday morning memes
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