#1 Barney Stinson Golden Words About Date.

Barney Stinson Golden Words About Date

#2 Funny puns: There’s a Bee on your shoulder.

Bee on your shoulder

#3 Attitude= 100%

coincidence about attitude

#4 If you are a female passenger, and forget to bring eyemask.

engineer in the flight

#5 Fortune cooking note as the finest level.

fortune cookie tells future

#6 Microsoft once held a funeral to mark the death of the iPhone.

microsoft held funeral iphone

via engadget

#7 Jesus “what is this?”

Jesus like what is this

#8 Lorax on the stump

lorax on the stump

#9 Funny Crocs shoes swimming on the river.

my demons can swim

#10 Funny cat card: Taco knows how long it’s been since you washed that bra you’re wearing.

taco knows

Clever Travel Ideas: Compliment on your luggage tags.