#1 Go to zoo to get a philosophy lecture from this awesome gorilla.

gorilla having undergrad philosophy lecture

#2 Amazing laundry marketing

laundry expert snuggle

#3 We all have that one friend who is photogenic.

can't take decent pic

#4 We found the real guy from “emoji”

He is emoji

#5 Every family can be related to this picture.

how to be a kind, humble and hardworking person

#6 Nice try, Lay’s

nice try of Lay's

#7 A large tortilla vs. super moon.

trotilla moon

#8 Genius teacher gives students credit for turn in their phones.

participation credit

#9 We found the onion monster!

onion's secret layer

#10 If you see a beer…

serious drinking problem if you see beer

10 Funny Pictures Today!#6 This Message Makes Me Giggle.