#1 The bag is sugar free. In case you wanna eat it.

funny you had one job memes

#2 Dog memes: When regular dogs meet police dogs.

funny police dog meme

#3 First problem of teenager at home.

funny sleeping position meme.

#4 The hooman still thinks I’m shampoo.

a cat pretend to be a shampoo bottle funny meme

#5 Two types of cats: Ones plotting to kill you, and ones acting on that plot.

two ypes of cats funny meme

#6 The international face for the awkward moment.

awkward moment funny meme

#7 The corn DID until Trump snatched it and sued the corn for identity theft and won.

trump corn funny meme

#8 When you wrongly use the toilet at your friend’s home.

jesus funny meme

#9 As a male, I’d rather be a merman than a centaur.

favorite bathroom sign funny meme

#10 When your girl tells you “I’ll be back in a min.”

man taking a nap in the trash can funny memes

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