#1 Classical art memes: Get a haircut by a barber.

classical art memes haircut barber

#2 How To Find A Qualified Mortgage Adviser.

funny dog memes mortgage adviser

#3 Cat got his point.

funny cat memes foot on food

#4 Fresh Halloween prank ideas: Brussels sprouts chocolate ball.

funny Halloween prank Brussels sprouts chocolate

#5 Inbreeding bird problems.

funny memes inbread birds

#6 The latest & coolest Apple watch background.

Apple watch cool background

#7 So UPS drivers have a Facebook page for the dogs they meet on their routes.

UPS Dogs memes facebook

via UPS Facbook

#8 Halloween haunted house idea

funny memes haunted house deleted selfies

#9 Please narrate it with Sebastian’s voice. (The crab from Disney movie “Little Mermaid”)

funny animal memes

#10 This reminds me of the chap who made wagons for his dogs and hooked them up to his tractor.

man built custom Kayak dogs adventures

via Boredpanda

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