#1 The right time to play Phili Collins’song “In the air tonight”.

phil collins in the air tonight new year clock

#2 Holidays are over, eating healthy.

funny holiday memes eating healthy

#3 Watching makeup tutorials on Youtube.

funny makeup tutorials youtube

#4 How to get attention of your waiter in restaurant.

funny holiday restaurant memes

#5 Damn, that’s genius.

Sharp microwave drawer genius designs
via SharpUSA

#6 A kitty has catnip problem.

funny cat catnip problems

#7 My year of 2017 sums up.

funny memes year of 2017

#8 Dog smiles in family photo.

funny dog smiles family photo

#9 One Ireland tiles shop is getting enough of returns.

tiles shop husband wife notes

#10 Cat got whole universe in his eyes.

cat eyes universe