#1 A cow thinks he’s a dog.

cow thinking he's a dog

#2 A wild party: Drunk guy thought doorknob is a muffin.

doorknob was stolen

via funsubstance

#3 Britain style: 2 guys drinking in a flooded street.

drinking like nothing is wrong


#4 How scientist erased snail’s brain.

erase memories from snail


#5 Awesome dinner dresses

fight the persians after dinner

#6 This is the chemistry class I want to attend.

how to summon a demon


#7 So JC Penney has a huge boot sale.

JCPenny having a huge boot sale


#8 Drink all the years.

our daughter's drinking problem


#9 How to call the police car in sandwich town of Massachusetts.

sandwich police saves the world


#10 The way how I change Wifi password.

funny changing wifi password

10 Single Memes Today!#5 Single bells, single bells, single all the way.