#1 Definitely will vote it for next year’s Turner Prize.

can of expanding foam went off meme

#2 Me can be related to it: go to restroom without phone.

go to restroom without phone memes

#3 It’s safe to lock your bike with a public pole, they said.

stupid person ideas memes

#4 One of the best Dad and daughter Halloween costumes.

dad with all daughters for Halloween memes

#5 True story: my life process…

handling my life memes

#6 How kids feel when they go to high school.

kids after graduating memes

#7 My bed has 2 shapes.

sleeping problems memes

#8 A yearbook picture for a dog.

therapy dog memes

#9 Office chair of the year goes to…

somebody you can trust memes

#10 Genius costume in Halloween

kid won Halloween memes

Baked Potato For Holiday Family Dinner.