#1 That’s a very deep thought: girls should make the first move.

girls should make the first move given social climate

#2 Solving parents’ computer problems…

help parents with tech problem

#3 The weird guy of 2017: inflating his sex doll at a free air pump.

inflating sex doll at free air pump

Here is another guy who buying engagement ring for his doll.

#4 Two dogs reunion, the cuteness overloaded.

dogs reunited

#5 Korean streetwear is the most awesome T-shirt!

korean street wear on emotional level

#6 Flat design is never being so creative.

funny jony ive flat design



#7 This Alaskan pizza company is winning the recycle game.

recycling pizza boxes alaska style

#8 It’s time to get a new marketing manager for Wawa coffee.

problem with math

#9 I hope their Pizza is as good as their creative outdoor advertising.

cool outdoor advertising


family photos with kids

via imgur

10 Family Memes!#8 Problems Of Family Trip With One-Year-Old Baby.