#1 Savage friends nowadays.

people taking pictures instead of helping funny

#2 Read those fonts in your head.

fonts matter

#3 Ellen Degeneres SHOW: Thief got caught by laughing after heard couple’s joke.

funny people

#4 Those food photographers should be abandoned by restaurant.

funny people picure

#5 How to clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting.

queen of England is visiting us

#6 Clothes store accepted clothes sold 17 years ago.

return the item in 17 years funny

#7 Every darkest and most popular slogan for family photo studio:”Shoot The Kids, Hang The Family,Frame them all”

family photo studio: "Shoot The Kids, Hang The Family,Frame them all"

#8 Funny T-shirt English in Vietnam.

teaching English in Vietnam funny

#9 Accident happens in toilet.

huge mistake

#10 Funny cat goes to toilet.

don't you ever lock?

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