#1 In the middle of an exam.

funny college exam teacher memes

#2 Taking the first question of your final.

college study memes final exam

#3 Every morning in the college class.

university class students sleeping stages

#4 Unusual sleeping pal in the class.

university class students sleeping

#5 How to prank your passengers when the flight landed. (Pilot costume ideas for Halloween)

funny flight pilot Halloween costume

#6 Sometimes you have to pay in-flight Wifi to share with your friends.

wifi in flight paid tweet funny

#7 Hunger games in the flight.

flight memes hunger games

#8 What a sad chair!

funny sad chair

#9 So American Airlines hired a duck for emotional support during the flight.

duck emotional support airplane
resource: The Washington Post

#10 Taking your pet for camping.

camping ideas with pets tent

10 Fresh College Memes. #7 University Essay Writing Skills.