#1 Creative answers during the job interview.

job interview tips creative answer

#2 My nightmare of cooking finally happened.

funny pressure cooker cooking accident

#3 Police dog was fired because he is too friendly to bad guys.

police dog was fired being too friendly

#4 Dog war flashbacks.

funny dog memes war flashbacks

#5 Service dog in a shop.

funny service dog shop

#6 Commute people and their mobile phone.

commute people playing mobile at train station

#7 If Romeo and Juliet Were Cats.

if Romeo and Juliet are cats

#8 Funny burger king, no onion.

funny dumb pictures

#9 Go to gym once back home.

funny dog memes go to gym

#10 People are dumb.

funny dumb people tweet imdumb

Trust Me, I’m “Engineer” (10 pics)