#1 My current life summed up in one picture.

how life is going funny picture

#2 I need this doormat for reasons!

best doormat funny

#3 2017, the year of charging things.

funny 2017 memes

#4 Angry management skills: Stitch things not stab people.

angry management funny meme

#5 A weird ear phone case for iPhone.

weird phone case: earphone

#6 Cute baby wearing Halloween costume.

cute homemade puppy Halloween costume

#7 Stay humble, our grave will be the same size.

No matter how big your house is, how decent your car is, how big your bank account is, our graves will be the same size. STAY HUMBLE.

#8 When grandfather meets dog

grandfather and dog funny

#9 Read funny words.

funny different font, with different voice

#10 No more pumpkins, bring more fruit in this Halloween!

cool pineapple Halloween

Cool Birthday Gift Ideas.