#1 Winnie the pooh mascot fail

you had one job

#2 Bring a surprise gift to your girlfriend

date with dog

#3 Japan is a weird country.

cosplay in Japan

#4 Simple things (food) that make me truly happy.

What makes you truly happy

#5 A sign of tough neighborhood: Seeing A locked Child tricycle in parking slot.

rough neighborhood

#6 A photo that can test if you’re a guy or a liar.

girl and dinosaur funny meme

#7 When you’re trying to slay the ring bearer but your dog needs to be walked. Funny walking dog photo.

dog meme

#8 Defeated by finals week, this kid was on the baseball field at 2:30 am making crop circles… Final exam failed pic

Defeated by finals week

#9 An acceptance letter sent from medical school.

acceptance letter from medical school

#10 How to categorize any dogs.

american eskimo size chart

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