#1 Compromise: Kittens.

funny marriage compromise kitten tweets

#2 Doing housework.

marriage tweets housework husband and wife

#3 Wife’s opinion matters.

funny marriage tweets jobs

#4 Perfect finance budget.

funny marriage husband wife fiance issues

#5 Hand towels (Are you married with Monica?)

funny marriage tweets

#6 Husband can’t escape from housework.

marriage quotes husband and wife housework

#7 Laundry folding machine

marriage life laundry

#8 About milk

marriage issues milk

#9 Eating myths, where to eat?

marriage issues restaurant suggestions

#10 Secrets between Husband and Wife

funny marriage secrets between husband and wife

Marriage is about true love, sacrifice, do everything for your lover. But it is not correct. The reality is, marriage is all about compromise. Let’s take a look at those hilarious marriage issues tweets, which are totally related to those married people.