#1 Bat princess

baby girl dressed as a batman cute memes

#2 A photogenic baby

cute memes photogenic baby

#3 Kid disabled iPod for 45 year.

kid disabled the ipod for 45 years memes

#4 You can be cool, but you’ll never be cooler than this baby boy.

kid memes: cool childhood

#5 Play poker with kids

funny photo: playing poker with kids

#6 Kid is proud for helping organize the carrots in the kitchen.

kid put the carrots in the kitchen memes

#7 Daddy’s prank to kids

funny daddy's prank to kids

#8 The face of betrayal.

dog memes: the face of betrayal.

#9 Halloween kid costume

funny kid costumes

#10 Kid failed of escape.

funny kid meme: kid got stuck photos

Funny Notes Written By Kids.