#1 A waitress brought a taped up cup after this guy spilled his drink all over the place.

special drink from the restaurant

#2 Funny restaurant chairs: Birthday cake in DMV?

restaurant chairs in DMV

#3 The restaurants near me have a glitch in the matrix.

restaurant funny couple

#4 Mcdonalds job: Multilingual skills.

order food at mcdonald's

#5 Something’s fishy is going on in this restaurant

something's fishy is going on in this restaurant

#6 McDonalds promised by mid-2018 to cook the burgers with fresh beef, Wendy’s strikes back.

funny wendy tweets jokes

#7 This restaurant sets a table for single people.

funny pictures of loneliness

#8  Test your wife’s honesty: go to the restaurant restroom, left the fries alone with her.

fries they gave my wife

#9  Expensive restaurants with their tiny portions.

expensive restaurants be like.

#10 Subway marketing fails.

eat fresh

#11 This miserable Caesar salad proves hipster food has gone too far

caesar salad

#12 Soup of the day: Tequila

best restaurant in 2018 Soup of the day Tequila