1. Since my mom really wanna be a grandma.

 When are u giving me a grand child?

adorable grand baby

2. Meet puppy Mash Potato.

I love you Mash Potato

cut dog pic

3. Cute puppy in the vet.

 I’m 41-year-old grown man and this picture turned me into a little girl.

old grown man turned into a little girl

4. Eating in the restaurant

 When the waitress asks how the food is and you’re just like:

dog eating bacon strip

5. Babysitting your friend’s dog

 This monster is redecorating the house!!!

dog redecorating the house

6. Meet dogs working in courtrooms.

 These dogs work in courtrooms to help comfort victims when testifying against their abusers.

dog working in courtrooms

funny dog snapchats

8. Say Hi to Pomsky.

 The “Pomsky” The result of breeding a husky and a pomeranian. The real Mozilla Firefox.

pomsky the real mozilla firefox

9. Who is paying attention on safety demo in the flight nowadays?

 Flight attendant on Delta Airways posted the pic with caption only 1 paying attention to safety demo”

safety demo

10. A dog shampoo turned the dog pink.

 why on earth has your shampoo turned my dog pink?

tesco shampoo turned dog pink