10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 Car Of 2017: A Smoking Car Holding A Selfie Stick.

#1 Car of 2017: A smoking car holding a selfie stick…

smoking car holding a selfie stick

#2 Shopping with your mom in the supermarket.

car shopping funny

#3 What are you thank for on Thanksgiving? This kid’s reply is hilarious.

at least they tried funny children

#4 Fortune cookies created a paradox…

fortune cookie quote making paradox

#5 “I have no idea what I’m doing.-Dog”

funny dog meme

#6 Gladys is a tough baby.
Gladys is a tough baby

#7 This boy is more princey than Prince George.

kid like prince george

#8 This boy going places.

nephew's note funny kids

#9 Pineapple on pizza debate is still going on…
Pineapple on Pizza Debate

#10 Awesome guy having fun in the huge thunderstorm.

strange people in storm

10 Fresh Gift Ideas! #6 Homemade Baby Shower Cards.

What do you think?

cat and girl funny memes

10 Relationship Memes!#5 This Girl Made A Right Choice.

cat and bear

10 Fresh Cat Memes! #9 The Job In Venterinary Clinic Is Awesome!