#1 Eyebrows that can do division.

awesome makeup skill

#2  Memes will be the official internet language in 10 years.

keep food in the fridge

#3 My favorite sign of protest.

You know it's bad when a straight white guy is marching.

#4 German sausage vending machine.

worst vending machine

#5 Funny restroom signs.

these restrooms

#6 Funny scientist memes.

scientist conversation

#7 When your mum keeps talking to her friends.

go out with your mom

#8 Harsh Britians Punishments “Opening this box will result in Death by electrocution & a 20 £ Fine”

harsh punishment

#9 When in doubt, Alcohol.

drinks for loneliness

#10 Funny cat memes.

cat sitting in the stove