#1 Soda machine: Let the Lord decide

buying a soda

#2 Dog vs. Cat

funny dog cat wearing sweater

#3 In case of emergency, please take a snapchat first.

first time for laundry

#4 Bagel seeds.

genius idea bagel seeds

#5 You can get your iPhone battery back to 100%, but you can never get back your previous life again.

people lifetime compares to iphone battery

#6 When Delta people saw a dead beaver on the road…

funny pictures beaver on the road

#7 Dog has trust issues on his owner.

pretend to throw the ball dog training

#8 Meet the service dog Endal.

service dog Endal

#9 Why there is always only 3 lanes open in Walmart?

walmart's albums

#10 Waiting for Mom in the car.

wait for mom in car
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