why birds keep flying into people's faces


found calculator in son's room

#3 “No you listen to me, woman, I’m the Prince of all Saiyans and I will not share a room with that imbecile Kakarot! “

I'm saiyan


#4 Awesome shower head.

new shower head


#5 Study finals in the hot tub.

study in the hot tub

#6 Cat tried to unlock the iPhone.

the person tried to unlock your phone

#7 The difference of throwing a Nokia and a Galaxy note 7.

this is the future

#8 Why women live longer than men.

why women live longer than men

#9 How to tie the strongest knot ever.

how to tie the strongest knot


#10 If Monday was a person.

if monday was a person

10 Fresh Marriage Memes! #7 Wife of the year.