#1 A smart man knows his limits.

smart man knows his limits

#2 When you know you’re going to fail the finals, but you want to give it the last try.

strange religion

#3 Funny sign: Caution, urine danger!

spraying hazard

#4 The most serious problem watching movies.

trouble watching movies

#5 Psychiatric help only for 5 dollars.

psychiatric help

#6 Java Script for kids and babies

java script for kids and babies

#7 “We wanted to fire him for continuously sleeping on the job, but apparently you can’t just fire someone for their species’ culture.”

cat keep job at local library after international backlash


#8 Funny tweet of Elon Musk: How much is Twitter?

Elon Musk in a nutshell

#9 The cutest moment in class ever

cutest girl in class

#10 I want to be as happy as this raccoon with his stuffed buddy.

stuffed raccoon makes you happy