10 Fresh Memes Today!

#1 Walking python on the street.

man walking pet snake

#2 A group of penguins broke out a Zoo.

penguins broke out of a zoo

#3 A new kind of watermelon.

the most disappointing thing

#4 Cool mannequin

strange mannequin

#5 Hilarious neighbors

scariest thing i could think

#6 Reading book problems

reading meme

#7 Funny Elizabeth II Memes

queen buckingham palace window funny meme

#8 Funny family gift ideas

gift of my sister

#9 Funny airplane screen Isis production


#10 Funny pizza box drawing.

draw a giraffe on pizza

What do you think?

netflix and chill

10 Funny Comments About Netflix! #3 I’d Join Netflix Dating Service.

acceptance letter from medical school

10 Funny Photos Today! #9 A Medical School Acceptance Letter.