#1 Who invented the first selfie ? (Hint: Paris Hilton or Friends)

paris hilton and britney invent selfie

#2 When your student bank account is zero, and the only food you have is a cheese.

daily dose of humor

#3 A hidden T-shirt god.

face in the shirts funny picture

#4 Hippo knows how to make the best photobomb.

found my spirit animal funny memes

#5 Funny zoo signs

Funny Animal Pictures

#6 A fortune cookie finnally gives a pratical advice for your life.

funny quotes fortune cookie

#7 Watching Netflix episode syndrome.

good morning car meme

#8 A good motto I can use for my life “If we can’t, we won’t”…

good motto memes

#9 How had fun with those gods.

hilarious medieval reaction

#10 A lame pickup line. how to flirt with girl funny memes

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