#1 Apple cake triple pranks: I would be so mad at so many different times

awesome present

#2 Awesome grandfather created Starwars xWing rocker for his grandson as Christmas gift. And my pappy taught me how to drink beer when I was a child.

Awesome present from grandad

#3 Is this one of the benefits of being a dentist?

I thought dentists were only supposed to check your teeth

#4 Look at that dog’s eyes, she is begging for help!

bear and dog

#5 Drinking with your friend at the pub…

 When your friend keeps handing you shots

#6 Miracle happens every day, this is a once in a lifetime spider selfie photo.

A dust covered spider landed on a board at work and left its mark

#7 Make america great again: Changes from Obama to Trump.

Obama logo rotation trump logo



#8 A mother’s reminder based on her daughter’s car accident.

My daughter just got into an accident, being reckless in her new car. I'm just happy she walked away from it. A reminder to everyone to be safe these holidays. Drive carefully.

#9 Put your hair up in a bun again, drink another cup of coffee and just listen.

 When your co-worker asks a question that makes the meeting go on for 25 more minutes.

#10 This is a badass duckling: he got a wolf on his beak!

duckling beak looks like a wolf