Fresh Memes Today!#2 It’s Time To Get Your Cat Some Diet Food.

#1 Classic prank which is never getting old.

I hate my life

#2 It’s time to get your cat some diet food.

3 months makes a big difference

#3 Grandma knitted a cover for your spare tire. One of the coolest Christimas gifts ever.

Balkan grandma

#4 If the urgency happens, plz snapchat first.

first time for laundry

#5 Anarchy in Germany would be like this:

chaos German style

#6 Mulan’s grandma is one cool old lady.

grandma will sign up for war

#7 Grandkids welcome grandma at airport.

welcome grandma at airport

#8 Awesome farm owner built giant table and chairs for his horses.

table and chairs for hoses

#9 This bus is getting the same situation as me getting in my life.

struggle bus

#10 Okay, will never miss this chance again.

mosquito right there

10 Beautiful Things Today!#5 Alzheimer Grandpa who still remembers his wife.

What do you think?

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funny marriage wife husband relationship

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