#1 Always be prepared for your crush.

your crush's broken heart

#2 The warning signs when you catching feeling for someone.

catch feeling for someone funny memes

#3 Just act natural, act natural…

crush walks by funny memes

#4 Self-encouraging quotes for those who is going to chase their crushes.

David Brent funny memes

#5 Never point out your crush to your friends.

Kevin Hart funny memes

#6 When you try to understand your crush’s signals.

signals from your crush funny memes

#7 The first problem when you sitting next to your crush.

sitting next to your crush funny memes

#8 Don’t wait for your crush, chasing them!

waiting for someone to have a crush on me funny meme

#9 That feeling hurts…

your crush flirting with someone else funny crush memes

#10 Seeing your crush walks in…

your crush walking in funny memes

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